About Us

Raiz da Equação, assumes itself in the market as a company specialized in the real estate area, having in its management team, entrepreneurs with more than 25 years of career and dedicated to real estate assets and investment projects.

We work from north to south of Mainland Portugal.

We have in portfolio a wide variety of properties in the following aspects;

  • Industry
  • Housing
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Income / Yield
  • Land with and without projects
  • Buildings devolution for renovation
  • Farms with and without wine production

AMI: 16290


Market Study

We carry out a market analysis considering the values practiced (current and recent sales) for assets similar to that analyzed, in the same geographical area if possible, otherwise we analyze similar "Assets" worldwide. This information will help determine an appropriate value for your property, allowing you to obtain maximization of your asset.

Promotion and Advertising

A marketing strategy will be developed together with the client, designed solely for its asset, in order to achieve the expected result, its placing on the market, as quickly as possible and maximizing its value. Various types of actions will be carried out to reach the desired target audience. We will analyze the marketing actions, from digital to traditional, all will be put at the service of your property, if that makes sense.

Investor Management

We screen all those who show interest in your asset in order to carefully select potential investors.

The visits will be scheduled and monitored by us, ensuring that any doubt about the asset is promptly and properly clarified.

Financing Products

If the buyer needs any kind of support from financial partners, we will help to create a bridge between both, to bring to fruition the completion of the operation, a member of our team will support the entire process of financing to the deed, to ensure a smooth and smooth route, in order to realize the business of the sale of your property.

Realization of the Sale

With the support of our entire work team, the sales process will be continued, ensuring the normal course of the same, without mishaps, throughout the process of registrations, payments of fees and deed.

Contact us

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Rua Joaquim da Silva Nogueira, 11A

2685-408 Prior Velho

(+351) 211 163 123

(Call to the national fixed network).